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Yoso House is comprised by a multidisciplinary team of creative and strategic professionals eager to connect to our clients’ needs and desires, with an open mind and solution-focused mentality.

We make it our responsibility to find a unique opportunity for every one of our clients and strive to build long-term relationships for the future.

After dedicating ten years to the real estate sector between Barcelona and Malaga, our growth made a natural transition into the field of architecture, design, and residential investment in 2016. We started out acquiring hidden gems in Barcelona with vast potential and began tastefully restoring and redesigning these spaces for modern living.

Nowadays, we work closely with people who share these mutual interests, carrying out development projects for homeowners and investors from around the globe. We act as a full-service provider and offer architecture services for renovation and new builds, interior design, and project management.


Yoso Invest

Yoso House Investment


We will redesign and renovate your property, optimise its potential and maximise it’s value so that you can earn the best possible return on the rental or resale market.

Yoso House Investment Opportunity


We will carry out a full assessment on your land and establish all possibilities, design & build a cutting-edge project catered for living, resale, or rental. We are equipped to manage the entire project so that you need only deal with one company from start to finish.

Yoso House Invest


We offer a range of Real Estate projects to invest in. Our aim is to lower the barrier for retail investors, providing competitive but realistic ROI’s for all of our clients. Get in touch and we will present you with an investment opportunity that works for you.

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Future thinking of residential housing

Challenging the very process of construction allows us to re-think the pillars of what good living means for everyone: from the base materials and their impact on the environment, the equipment used and its energy consumption, and the elements that nourish our overall well-being. We asked ourselves these and more questions and broke them down in three key categories:
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Renewable Energy

Spain is the 4th biggest producer of wind power after China, the United States and Germany. However, with the consistent sunlight the peninsula receives year-round, it remains one of the world leaders in concentrated solar power.

Why solar? It is clean, carbon free, silent, low maintenance and plentiful. Yoso House would strongly suggest the use of photovoltaic panels, which differ from regular solar panels in that they produce electricity.

The installation of solar panels can save homeowners in Spain up to 24% off their monthly electricity bill.

By the way: In The Cradle we do without all materials that are in the EPEA'S "Material Banned List of Chemicals"

Solar Power


Reduce CO² while building

C0² reduction is an immense part of our motivation to build sustainably; not only does it help to save our planet but a reduction in CO2 globally will save lives.

We actively contribute to lowering CO2 emission by constructing sustainable homes. Our build method includes renewable energy solutions, using our environment to our benefit, implementing energy efficient systems and clever design.

The European Union has set a goal to have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and we want to be a part of that. Our industry is responsible for 38% of carbon emissions, so moving with the times and this cause is extremely important to us.


What drives us

“Design is the first signal of human intention,” states renowned architect William McDonough. So, what are our intentions?

Our goal is to build and restore energy efficient homes, thoughtfully designed for adaptability and sustainability.

We want to consciously construct homes using safe materials and optimize our manufacturing process.

Using natural resources, locally sourced materials and forward-thinking design processes, our homes will exist for generations. We achieve this through teamwork and collaboration.

Sustainability is a philosophy, a lifestyle choice. If you believe in our ethos, we want to meet you.

What Drive Us


These are our
customers stories

harrison b
harrison b
The team at Yoso House did a entire deconstruction and reconstruction on a penthouse house apartment for me, I have done numerous developments but never have I been met with such good communication, quality and timing and I can’t stress enough how important these aspects are and how missing even one can turn a beautiful experience into a bad one (trust me have dealt with it numerous times!) I feel comfortable in taking on this process in future and I have too personally thank the head of Yoso House Richard for this and his vision. He executed with style and class and has increased the value of thee apartment significantly in the process. So hear it is, congratulations and thank you Richard & Yoso team. until next time.
Kasmahton Smith
Kasmahton Smith
I worked with Yoso House in Barcelona and Malaga and got a great service in both cases. They delivered strong property investment opportunities with superb finishes. I can highly recommend
Joe Xavier
Joe Xavier
Wonderful experience with Richard Lovett. We bought a semi detached property in Barcelona all in the comfort of my home in Colorado. Richard handle everything for us. Including getting the place furnished. Also an amazing lawyer to have everything done legally. All this was accomplished during Covid. Richard is in a process to getting us another new property. You the best.


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